Glaslough Community Allotments

Cuibhrinn Phobail Glasloch - Glaslough Community Allotments

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allotmentsWith much anticipation the Glaslough Community Garden Allotments are here.  Working together the GDA and Tidy Towns have secured a site and materials to construct the allotments.
Community gardening is a healthy pastime which can make a valuable contribution to community development, positive social interaction, environmental awareness and education.  As there is a greater awareness of food quality, many seek to have sources of food which are grown without chemicals or fertilisers.

Food production is central to many community gardens, not all have food as the main focus.  Restoration of natural areas and planting ‘flower’ gardens can be open for consideration, as can ‘art’ gardens. The gardens could have several different planting elements, such as a small orchard, herbs or to attract bees and butterflies.

The Glaslough Community Garden Allotment site is opposite the Community Centre, beside the Village Houses. The allotment scheme has an 11 month lease period from February to December.  The cost of an allotment varies depending on the size of the plot.

A special thanks to Sammy Leslie for the use of the site, Tidy Towns and Donagh Community Employment workers -for undertaking the construction. If you would like an allotment please contact a GDA or Tidy Towns committee member for an application form. You can call 087-7780888 or send a message to Glaslough Life's Facebook: